Welcome to Global Panel Solutions, Inc. "GPSI".

Take a few moments to review our unique building system.

Global Panel Solutions, Inc. "GPSI" shares with you a formless concrete building system providing benefits one would expect only applies to a custom design. Yet, our building system is simple in method comprised of welded wire mesh panels with a core of polystyrene insulation providing a monolithic structure.

Our panel system construction is truly without exception one of the most proficient methods of construction that provides for structures to resist nature’s terrors of earthquakes, fires, hurricanes/typhoons, and tornados. Additional resistances are to mold, termites & fungi.

Architectural benefits utilizing panel construction are virtually unlimited.

GPSI offers you a combined 50 years experience in the panel construction and building industry's. Panel products offered have been perfected and are patented.

Our team principal AnnaMarie Reynaud has been building residential and commercial structures as well as public works projects on the US continent and abroad.

With 30+ years in the various areas of the construction industry, from working at the city, managing multi home development for some of the most prominent high end builders, managing track home development for K & B to successfully running her own construction company, she is internationally recognized as a leader and innovator in the industry.

She has successfuly accomplished making panel construction a standard method of meeting the needs of the environment, the building trade and her clients.

She is strongly commited to providing vocational opportunities to local untrained and unskilled men AND WOMEN.

AnnaMarie Reynaud was awarded the award for
by the
National Association of Professional Women
for her dedication and difficult work in Haiti